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An estimated 22.8 million children aged 5-16 are out-of-school, representing 44 per cent of the total population in this age group.


Improve the quality of life for children in Pakistan by providing education, healthy environments, and basic needs


A nation where every child is safe, educated, and able to shape a positive future


Integrity Continuous improvement Passion

Pakistan Children Relief, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit humanitarian organization, aspires to educate and empower children to build a better society.

Our Aim

We have as a continuous goal, to provide support to children, particularly the most disadvantaged, to attend, stay and learn in school.

Our Strategy

The philosophy of Pakistan children relief is to provide quality education with the aim to educate every child of Pakistan. The quality education helps to improve mental, physical, and social and emotional growth in a child to help him develop better communication and social skills, and better confidence.

Our programs are designed to improve the wellbeing of each child through targeted initiatives including education, health services, food security and access to clean drinking water.

The organization was formed with the mission of helping less fortunate children through quality-oriented, value-based, and purposeful education and capacity building. Together we can translate our slogans into action by providing equal opportunities of a quality education to every child.


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