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Education Support Program

Education Support Program

Proper education is crucial to the development of any country. Government of Pakistan contributes less than required 4% of GDP toward the education sector, as per 2018 UNICEF report. Countries with excellent education systems have populations that generally live longer and have less violent conflict and poverty. That is why investment in education is critical for a stable state. While the country struggles with its government support, education in Pakistan can be improved through nonprofit programs.

  • High Cost Of Education: Current statistics show that there are 22.8 million out of school children in Pakistan. Your support can remove the barrier to education by helping poor and vulnerable children to receive a good quality education

    Your support will cover education-related necessities.

    • Schoolbooks
    • Uniforms and shoes
    • Scholarship for less fortunate children with a dream to acquire quality education

  • Ongoing Project: Al-Hikmah Public School - one of our first successful projects enrolls 725 + students from kindergarten to tenth grade in the rural areas of Mianwali, Punjab. A high-quality school, Al-Hikmah provides education to many children who would otherwise not have access to quality education.

  • Lakki Marwat Girls School: Our team visited Lakki Marwat and spoke with school administrator. Their education environment was so poor these children have no proper school furniture and classroom equipment. PCR spoke with local school staff and provided furniture and plans to expand the depilated learning environments into a proper school site and establish Lakki Marwat Girls School.

We have a fully equipped school building with hygiene practices, clean drinking water and playground. The school has separate classrooms for boys and girls to accommodate better learning environments. Each child is provided with uniform, shoes, schoolbooks and all such education related expenses are covered.

  • Up-coming project:

    • Build schools: Rehabilitate, build, and establish new schools including co-ed and girls’ schools across Pakistan, especially in areas where children are deprived of a school environment. Your support will help us put boundary walls, construct new buildings, and establish a transparent and organized school structure.
    • Thar Project:

Statistics: The Thar region of Sindh, which has climatic and ecological conditions, faces severe droughts for two to three years in every 10-year cycle. As the situation worsen, Thar was declared as drought-hit area. Government officials with the help of NGOs need to join hands and develop proper infrastructure and civic facilities in the district and improve living standards of residents and children.

PCR Thar project: Our team is conducting visiting doing research on children and their health studies and plan to open up school and provide them with proper food security and healthcare facilities to change the conditions of children and their families.

Tackling un-education in Pakistani villages is a lifetime of commitment. Our team works nonstop to make the dream of every child’s receiving education possible. We urge you to join us in our cause and help us support the children’s education.


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