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Safe Home For Steet Children Program

Safe Home For Street Children Program

Extreme poverty, broken families and physical or sexual abuse have forced more than 1.5 million children on the streets. There is no social security system in place.

On the streets, children are more at risk than at home: they are persecuted by the police, exploited by mafia gangs, and disdained by society. In or to survive, these girls and boys are forced to collect rubbish, deal drugs or steal. Street children are particularly at risk of being sexually abused and exploited. And the longer the children live on the streets, the more difficult it is to reintegrate them into society. We want to change this.

SafeHome- First ever SafeHome for street children has started its operations in Karachi, Sind. It is fully equipped with bunkbeds, prayer room, dining hall, study room and a garden.

We have organized bedrooms for 25 children. A loving, professional couple are serving as caretakers who take care of their education and medical needs. Our dedicated team will cater to their personal development and character building as they find sanctuary here.

As these children become engaged, our team has increased its activity base to get them to learn at every stage of life. From planting and playing to keeping pets and taking care of them, these children learn discipline and responsibilities.

After our successful launching of this program in Karachi, we plan to expand our programs and open more SafeHomes as our team of volunteers, workers and supporters reach out to the southern villages of Balochistan, Punjab, KPK, Thar,Sind and much more.


  • Ted Talk for kids

    Our SafeHome team got together with a group of professions for an interactive and fun day to teach children confidence to learn, become creative and bold enough to be leaders of our nation. It was like a Ted Talk for kids by the kids. The kids did not shy away and participated in all activities, as fun filled, interaction-based activities were held.

  • NED Team visiting our SafeHome

    A group of volunteer students and teacher from renowned NED university visited our children and discussed ways to improve learning methods and teaching them English language for better communications and acquiring higher education.

  • Chairman visits SafeHome

    Dr. Sohaib Arain was very impressed when he visited the SafeHome in March 2021. He was really pleased to see the living environment and how discipline was taught and maintained through a professional couple serving as mother and father and a dedicated teacher who taught religion practices. Daily meals and weekend activities were nicely arranged.

  • Pakistan Day Celebrations

    Our team got together with the orphans of a local school in Parachi and distributed stationery and snacks packs, highlighting the importance of education.

  • Upcoming

    Yearly Health Screening of SafeHome children. Our local staff have approached different doctors and we have set up health screen of our children and maintain health records and association with hospitals for higher health needs.


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