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Vocational Education and Training Program

Vocational Education & Training Program

Families living in poverty often rely on their children to contribute to the household’s income. Unfortunately, this responsibility can impede upon their ability to attend school.

Our program covers:

  • The cost of hands-on job training including instructional programs that focus on the skills required for a particular job function or trade.

We plan to open learning centers across Pakistan to equip children to acquire trading skills. After children receive education through our education scholarship programs up to high school and if then they are not sponsored to pursue higher education, they can join our learning centers where we will get them specialized into a field of choice. For example, we will have arts and crafts, cooking classes, computer labs, and etc.

This program will equip them to open their own business and shops or become successful entrepreneurs.

Your contribution can help save children from inhumane working conditions by providing them vocational education and sustainable livelihood for their families.


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