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WASH Program

WASH Program

The most vulnerable of all are children. In Pakistan, a developing country, people walk for miles to find clean water or even if they find water it may not be the cleanliest available, but the best they have access to.

Imagine the reward and Duas you will earn from the people that have been granted access to water within the proximity due to your water supply. Till the water runs dry, you will continue to earn sadaqa jariyah (ongoing charity rewards) each time people use the water for themselves and their households.

Statistics: Pakistan Water Wells

Absolute inequalities are greatest in countries with the largest spread between the richest and the poorest, such as Pakistan for hygiene.

  • Despite the access of 91% to improved water sources, but 88% of the water supplied is unsafe.
  • - Pakistan is running out of fresh water at a high rate, it is anticipated that it is likely to suffer a shortage of 31 million acre-feet of water by 2025.

Furthermore, the majority of the 25 million people not using a toilet live in poor rural households or insecure urban informal settlements. This makes them the most difficult to reach. Exponential population growth in Pakistan has also dramatically changed the calculus of water demand, resulting in a reduced water availability per capita. The shortage of access to clean drinking water is becoming grave concern in Pakistan - poor sanitation in schools denies children their right to an education.

  • The WASH program is focused on installing and maintaining clean restrooms with adequate sanitation and promote safe hygiene practices. The process includes building a;

Result is a proper facilitated bathroom with solar motor to pump clean water and a set of 2 washrooms and 2 basins/sinks.

Our water well appeal is Zakat Applicable, and PCR has a 100% donation policy for all Zakat donations.


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